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The Language of Visual Design: Using Color to Send a Message

When designing a website for your CPA or accounting practice make sure the colors you choose aren’t contradicting your content. Colors send powerful subliminal messages, and if you combine your message with the wrong color choice you may very well find yourself sending the wrong signals to your prospects and clients. On the other hand, stick to a few simple rules and your color use will reinforce your message in a powerful way.

Use a Color Theme That Catches Attention
The benefit of accounting website templates is that they’re easy to individualize with your own style. Your site’s background color is one of the elements that can and should be tweaked when giving your site a personal touch. Why? Because the color of the background immediately conveys your level of expertise and trustworthiness.

What Colors Say About You
Colors have meanings, and it’s important that this meaning not contradict the message you want to send out to your prospects. Not all colors are suitable for use in a CPA or Accounting website while others may be perfect but are so overused they may interfere with your attempt to create a unique brand.


Blue: Everybody loves blue. It’s everywhere, and not just because it’s a soothing color that reminds us a clear summer sky. Blue’s is also a great messenger for almost any business. Psychologically it suggests steadiness, professionalism, and seriousness.  The only downside to blue is it’s popularity. If a lot of local accounting firms are already using it you may want to turn to a different color.

Green: Green’s another good choice for an accounting firm. Like blue, it sets people at ease. From a messaging standpoint it symbolizes money and health, which gives the message that you will help a business become healthy and profitable.

White: White is, perhaps, my favorite color for a professional service. This is perhaps the most under-appreciated color in design. White is a perfect color for almost any website because it represents simplicity, something that helps reduce the anxiety of prospective accounting and CPA clients. White gives you a clean, simple background that makes your entire site feel welcoming and approachable.

Black: Black can be a useful color, but use it with a modicum of caution. Black gives the clear message that you’re serious about your work and will be a reliable service provider. It also suggests a level of elegance and grace that might actually intimidate some visitors.

Other Suggested Colors

  • Gold: Wealth, divinity.
  • Silver: Purity, honesty, integrity.
  • Burgundy: Nobility, status.
  • Orange: Newness, youth, renewal, energy.

Text Color
Once you decide on the background color for your website, you need to pick the text color, too. Make readability your primary concern. Check out a variety of accounting website templates to get a range of ideas before picking a color scheme.

Most companies’ websites have either a black or white background. The most popular combination of background and text color is a white background with black text. It’s an old classic; reliable and clean. My favorite design scheme is black text, white background, and a color theme for headers, borders, cells, and highlights.

If you decide on a black background, you must use brightly colored text – but not too bright, which can blur edges. A medium blue could be the best choice for this background.

Red is a fascinating color. Red implies energy, urgency, and danger. It makes a poor theme color for an accounting firm, but it is an unparalleled choice for “Call to Action” links. Reserve use of this color only to the most important links on your site. It catches the eye and inspires action.

The Bottom Line
A good user experience is the key to good website design. Above all else the website must be readable and convey a clear, consistent message. Your color choices are key to When you’re thoughtful about the color combination to use, you increase the odds of publishing a lead-generating website for your practice.

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