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Rock Your Practice With Inbound Marketing

Just imagine driving to work every day knowing that you’re not going to need to spend your day networking for new clients. No more bulk mailings or flyers. No more cold calling new businesses in the area. When you learn how to take advantage of inbound marketing new clients come to you.

Inbound Marketing Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why, in today’s competitive market, it is vital to shift the allocation of your marketing funding from the costly and predominantly unsuccessful traditional pairing of interrupt and outbound marketing methods to the practice of inbound marketing.

The advantages of inbound marketing include:

  1. Lasting: Inbound marketing sources are indefinite.  As resources to your business, they are very powerful. A traditional marketing campaign takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and cost to execute. These campaigns only exist for a short period of time. They have an expiration date. However, if you generate a whitepaper with the title “How to Successfully Engage an Accountant” it will generate website leads.  Even simply posting a link to your latest blog article is a powerful resource. The odds of a return on one article might be small, but down the road you’ll have 50. Then 200. Eventually the calls will start to become more regular.
  2. Elastic: By tailoring your calls to action to your desired market you can adjust your inbound marketing techniques.  This allows you to account for your prospects’ habits and changing/seasonal needs. You can create or outsource the authoring of blog posts and articles according to the demographics of your market.  You can also use outlets for social medial like Twitter and Facebook as it suits you. This creates a long-term, web-based channel with which a traditional interrupt/outbound marketing piece can never compete as their effectiveness dwindles over time.
  3. Economical: Because inbound marketing techniques are free beyond the labor cost of the author, an inbound marketing campaign is extremely cost effective. Outbound marketing assets last for only a couple of months.  They also cost thousands of dollars. You can launch an effective inbound marketing campaign yourself or with a part-time employee or even an outsourced inbound marketing specialist for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Adaptable: Once launched, if you find your techniques aren’t bringing results, it is easy to adapt an inbound marketing campaign.  This will bring quick results for your campaign. Making adjustments to an outbound marketing campaign can be enormously, sometimes even prohibitively, expensive.
  5. Focused: Outbound marketing projects your message to your audience. The problem is that they are not focused on your firm. For example, a prospect is listening to a radio station and hears an advertisement, interrupting their music. Inbound marketing techniques bring your message to prospects through their own free will. One example would be someone looking for a local accountant via a search engine.  They see your firm’s CPA website design via a search result. With an inbound marketing campaign, your message is delivered directly to your prospect.  There is never interference by a sales pitch or a marketing agency. This avoids the danger of a prospect feeling like they were duped by an outbound marketing promise.  With inbound marketing, the prospect has sought you out. Instead of interrupting their activity, you are encouraging them to find you.

The practice of inbound marketing can be a breath of fresh air from interrupt marketing for your prospect. It neatly avoids the complications associated with vying for attention in a very crowded space.  Outbound marketing can get on a prospects nerves far more easily than convert them. For them, it is a chance to find or interact with your firm effortlessly when they are LOOKING for you rather than bombarding them constantly in the hopes that the need for your services might eventually arise.

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