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Turn Clients into Fans with Social Media

Social media has grown into one of the most important forms of advertising out there. With traditional marketing, such as print or television spots, you are able to produce an ad for a general age range and possibly gender, but outside of this, the information is produced and witnessed by individuals of varying demographics, many of which are not likely to purchase your products or services.

Social media, on the other hand, allows you to specifically target individuals who are in your demographic. By fine tuning your marketing, you can reach individuals who are more likely to utilize your offerings.

Of course, with social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others, it is possible for clients to follow your profile. There are many reasons why a client might follow you, but there are benefits for your own company as well.

Company Benefits
With your business, appearances matter. Showcase yourself as a strong, vibrant company. The stronger your business appears the more likely
prospects are going to choose your services. After all, folks want to be part of a successful, and profitable, company. With your social media numbers, the more followers you have the more popular and profitable your company appears.

Every accountant knows that business is all about numbers. Social media is no different. You’ve compared different companies before. It says something when one company has several thousands followers while the other has only a few dozen. Most prospects will gravitate toward the company boasting the better numbers. After all, if that many individuals already like the company, it must be doing something right.

Don’t be shy about building your social media presence. Ask your clients, vendors and friends to follow you.

This keeps them in contact with your services and products, but it also improves your numbers, which in turn can attract other possible clients to your business.

Customer Benefits
Give those who do follow you real value for their help. When a customer decides to follow you on any given social media website you have an opportunity to offer them a number of very real benefits.

Every time you post a new sale update or product release, your fans become the first to know about it. They get first crack at new offers. If you release special sales codes and advertisements through the social media website, they are more likely to purchase products from your business as they can save money.

When you post more general information with real value, they get a chance to pass it on to their clients and friends in turn, boosting their own reputation as well as yours. Keep this in mind when writing social media content. Give your fans content that make them look good, as well as yourself.

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