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Marketing Big on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing is one of the most important factors determining the health and continuing success of a business or organization.

A lot of people don’t like marketing. It costs money, and is often perceived as taking away from your profits, depleting capital, or sapping vital manpower. There is a long term gain, though, and if you’re on a tight budget there are a few critical budget friendly techniques to improve both accounting and customer acquisition.

  • Set yourself apart with incentives There is nothing a new or returning customer likes to hear more than the word “free” or “discounted”. Although this is sure to illicit a better response from customers, any one of your competitors can simply run a sale.
  • Sponsoring events run by other businesses can attract new customers to you, and very often only require a donation of the goods or services you already offer. In addition, running these events yourself will bring other sponsors to you–increasing your audience, as well as forging important partnerships.

These techniques effectively move your marketing expenditures to the back end of the sale. It’s an effective technique, but don’t rely on it too heavily. There are pitfalls in devaluing your own service.

There are many other techniques for marketing your accounting or CPA practice for little or no money down. My favorites involve exploiting techniques that require the smallest outlay of time on my part.

Produce and publish high value, shareable content.  Instructional videos and info-graphics for small business owners, distributed to the right networks, can boost your visibility and reputation.

If you can’t afford new content, try recycling old content. Review articles, blog posts, and studies. Give it your own spin. This is a cheap, easy way to put new content out there, and in many cases it’s a chance to build relationships with authors and influencers who’s content you’re boosting.

Finally, and most importantly, formalize a customer referral program. Your best customers will always come from word of mouth, so give your customers a good incentive to share you with their friends.

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