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How do you ensure client security when exchanging files online?

Confidently exchange sensitive files with a secure client portal. Cyber security is becoming increasing important in the accounting industry because more people prefer to use online communication for their accounting needs. However, this created an opportunity for cyber criminals to get a hold of sensitive information to steal your clients’ identities. Additionally, your accounting firm can be held liable for any stolen information.

Implementing a secure client portal safeguards information from unauthorized people and facilitates communication between you and your clients, ultimately saving you time and money while giving you peace of mind.

Your client portal will allow you to:

  1. Transfer Documents Send your clients important documents instantly or store them online so your clients can access them any time. Choose a client portal that meets your current needs and allows for future growth.
  2. Relieve Tax Due-Date Headaches The convenience of your client portal system cannot be overstated. Whether you are looking for a simple file transfer system or a full-blown document vault for your clients, a client portal system means an end to frantic tax deadline overnight express calls and drives across town to fetch client QuickBooks files and tax organizers.
  3. Improve Security The easiest way to assess the security of your accounting or CPA client portal is to look for SAS70 compliance. This is an AICPA auditing standard that requires an in-depth examination of not just an online storage system, but of the procedures, hardware, and even physical security of servers where data is stored.

Make sure your client portal transfers and stores only encrypted data, and make sure that encrypted back-ups are regularly conducted. Look for VIP features like batch uploading, automated QuickBooks backups, one-click upload applications, and file search functions.

Client Portal Features

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Feature CPA Site Solutions Thompson Reuters CCH Get Net Set Client Whys Accountants World Build Your Firm Axsen
Securely Exchange Files With Clients                
Provide Clients 24/7 Access To Statements & Tax Returns                
Storage Space in Megabytes 500 1000 50     5120 1000  
Email Notifications on File Transfer                
Organize Documents in Folders and Subfolders                
Move Documents From One Folder to Another                
Encrypted File Transfer                
Encrypted File Storage                
Encrypted Backups                
One-Click File Upload                
Multi-File Batch Upload                
Nightly Offsite Backup of Clients QuickBooks Files                
Activity Log Audit Trail                
Advance File Search                
File Version Control with Overwrite Protection                
Import List of Clients                

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