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Why is email important for my accounting firm when there are other ways to communicate with clients?

Email is the way in which people communicate today, to point where some people prefer email to phone calls. That means any type of email outage can create serious tension with clients, which can impact satisfaction and retention. Is your accounting firm prepared to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your email?

Consider the following when considering an email service:

  • Your Skillset: Do you have the IT skills in-house to manage your email server? Are you likely to keep that skill set as part of your permanent staffing requirement? If the answer to either of these questions is "no", it's best to choose an outside email service provider that will handle these things for you.
  • Cost of Additional Email Services: Most email services charge per account. Find a service you can grow with while keeping costs under control.
  • Compatibility with Email Applications: Your email client needs to integrate seamlessly into your existing office procedures. If you currently use Outlook, make sure your new email system is compatible.
  • Remote Access: A good email system includes a remote access feature so people can check their email when they are away from their home or office.
  • Flexible Hosting: Some CPA and accounting firms will want to host their email on their own exchange server. Make sure your website provider can map your email records to your server before giving them access to your domain.

Email & Communications Features

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Accounting Website Providers being Compared
Feature CPA Site Solutions Thompson Reuters CCH Get Net Set Client Whys Accountants World Build Your Firm Axsen
Number of E-Mail Accounts on Your Domain( 50 10 1 0 5 5 5 10
Email Accounts at More Than One Domain                
Access Your Email From Anywhere 24/7                
Out-of-Office Email Replies                
Easily Add New Email Accounts Online                
Clean Email – Server Level Virus & Spam Protection                
Ability To Use Your Own Exchange Server                
Support for Getting Email Accounts on Blackberry or iPhone                
Instant Messaging for Each Staff Member                
Online Calendar for Each Staff Member                
Share and Overlay Online Calendars                
Online Appointment Scheduling System                
Email and SMS Appointment Reminder System                
Public Appointment Availability Calendar                
Sync Online Calendar with Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone                

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