Find the Right Website Provider for Your Firm

How much time does it take to create content for an accounting website?

Effective website content is a very involved process. First, you’ll want to create an outline of the different web pages and types of content you’ll need. Next, you’ll need to draft and create the web pages. Then, you’ll need to proof read, edit and upload the content onto the website. To be thorough, the process can take several weeks before an accounting firm’s website content is ready to go.

Many business owners, including accountants, fail to consider the amount of time it takes to produce high-quality content for their accounting website. At a minimum, your accounting website should include multiple pages about your services, guides, contact information, FAQs, and privacy policies.

To save you the hassle of creating all this content from scratch on your own, many website providers will provide pre-written content for you. Below is a comparison chart to help you understand what various website providers offer.

Accounting Website Content Features

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Feature CPA Site Solutions Thompson Reuters CCH Get Net Set Client Whys Accountants World Build Your Firm Axsen
Monthly Client Newsletter – Number of Articles 3   5 1 7   8  
Access to Previous Newsletters                
Newsletter Automatically Emailed To Your Clients Each Month             optional  
Life-Events Financial Guides                
Number of Article Pages 3000   1000 0   0    
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Section                
# of Questions Answered 1000              
Number of Interactive Financial Calculators 58 120 192   100+ 30    
PayCheck Calculators                
Number of Pages Dedicated to "Selling Your Services" 35 1 1 1     13 1
QuickBooks Support Section Pages                
Monthly QuickBooks Tips                
IRS Tax Problem Resolution Section Pages                
Firm Profile/Mission Statement Page                
Partner & Staff Bio Page with Pictures                
Online Employment Opportunities Page with Reply Form                
RSS Feed for Blog Posts and Newsletter Articles                
Track My Refund Page (State and Federal)                
Tax Due Date Calendar                
Tax Organizer – Print and Download                
Tax Organizer – Personalize, Customize, Import, Export                
Current & Historical Tax Rates Pages                
Tax Forms and Publications Print and Download Page                
State Tax Forms and Links Page                
Headline News Articles Updated Hourly                
Local Weather Forecast Updated Hourly                
Internet Links Page                
Contact Us Page With Web Based Email                
Custom Map showing how to get to your office                
Interactive Driving Directions To Your Office                
Customizable Online Feedback Forms                
Site Search                
Privacy Policy Page                
Disclaimer Page                
Stock Quotes                

Attract New Clients with Compelling Content

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal.

By providing high-quality content (e.g. monthly newsletters, financial guide library, financial calculators), your accounting website becomes a resource that prospects and clients will want to return to again and again. Not only does this improve client satisfaction and retention, but it keeps your firm in front of prospective clients by improving your authority – which is what search engines look for when ranking you in results pages.

Cut Unbillable Phone Time

Your accounting website can answer questions that clients would have otherwise called your office to ask, therefore streamlining communications and cutting down on phone time. If your website includes answers and resources that are valuable to your clients, it can minimize unproductive phone call interruptions for your staff.

Leverage your website’s content to:

  • Help clients track their refunds.
  • Provide easy access to commonly requested IRS and State tax forms and publications.
  • Give visitors driving directions that directs clients straight to your front door.
  • Answer commonly asked questions, such as information about QuickBooks accounting software.

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